Free Second Opinion

We believe that health should never be compromised with and in case you are not happy with your previous doctor, you can come to use with your previous reports and we will give you a free second opinion from our experienced doctors.


In House Egg Donor Program

For couples who suffer conception problems, our in-house donors will give you a chance at having your own baby. We offer you the option of selecting the donor eggs which will then be fertilized in our labs.


Two Convenient Locations

Delhi being a large city, we have thus made our branches at two convenient locations in Delhi. This will make it easier for patients to access us from any part of the city.


Laser Hatching

As a part of the In vitro Fertilization treatment (IVF), a technique is used for the couples which can help them get their own baby. This is known as Laser Hatching and is offered as a part of IVF treatment in our clinic too. It is also a type of assisted hatching. There are several types of assisted hatching used in the clinics and each depends on the preference of the clinic and the patient. In this process, the main aim of the technique is to assist the implantation of the embryo in the womb and hence the name.

In women who are not able to conceive, preliminary tests will help our staff know what problem she suffers from. Zona pellucida is a special shell which covers the embryo and helps in the implantation of the embryo in the womb. Sometimes this Zona pellucida is very thick and when implantation time comes, the shell is does not hatch and the embryo fails to attach itself. This results in the failure of conception. At our clinic, with the help of assisted hatching, the shell in the Zona pellucida will be softened so that the embryo can hatch.

Our staff is adept at performing the laser assisted surgery where a non-contact laser is pointed at a part of the Zona pellucida. Most of the time, we tell our patients to use the assisted laser hatching technique quick, effective and simple ways of helping you conceive. What's more, it is also among the lesser expensive types of assisted hatching with a high degree of success rate.

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Blog Update

First and foremost, the patient is of foremost importance to us. Not only is our staff caring and attentive, but our ultimate goal is in helping you conceive, and as such we will take all possible steps to help our visitors.

We also have IVF or in vitro fertilization technique which is done with the help of egg donors. Our clinic even has the facility of in-house donors who can provide you with the eggs.